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      Fusion Server 4.2.5 Release Notes

      Release date: 22 October 2019

      Component versions:

      Solr 7.7.2

      ZooKeeper 3.4.13

      Spark 2.3.2

      Jetty 9.4.19.v20190610

      Ignite 2.6.0

      New features

      Lucidworks Fusion Smart Answers

      Fusion 4.2.5 introduces Lucidworks Fusion Smart Answers, an AI-driven question answering system which combines the power of Solr and neural dense vectors to recommend solutions to users.

      New Rules UI features

      Fusion 4.2.5 introduces several new features to the Rules UI:

      • Double-click to expand and collapse UI panels.

      • Drag-and-drop and dropdown reordering for table rows.

      • Drag-and-drop for facets.

      • Conditionally displayed fields.

      • Toggle for advanced fields.

      • Click to delete table rows.

      Other new features

      • Fusion services now support SSL and certificate authentication.


      • The SQL query IS NULL now seeks out empty values as expected.

      • Fixed a bug with the Fusion SQL service that prevented a collection from sharing a name with an collection alias.

      • Previously, SQL aggregations were limited to 250 aggregations. Now, the default limit is 5,000 aggregations, and the limit is configureable. To set the limit to 10,000 aggregations, use the following command:

        curl -u admin:password123 -X POST -H 'Content-type: application/json' -d '10000' http://localhost:8764/api/apollo/configurations/fusion.sql.bucket_size_limit

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed a bug that prevented security trimming from working on the Alfescro connector in Fusion 4.2.4.

      • Fixed a bug that sometimes resulted in documents on CrawlDB being marked as incomplete when crawl operations were started and stopped multiple times.

      • Performance is improved in aggregation collections.

      Known issues

      • The Couchbase connector does not work with Couchbase versions 5 or higher. This will be addressed in Fusion 4.2.6.

      • The FTP connector sometimes prevents files with non-English filenames from being indexed.