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      Query Profiles

      Query profiles let you consistently point your search application at a static endpoint, but give you the flexibility to change the actual query pipeline being used (and optionally, the collection and/or configuration parameters for the query pipeline).

      For example, an e-commerce site might want to create a query pipeline to support a month-long promotion. After the query pipeline is configured, it can be easily enabled by changing the query profile in use by the front-end application to use the new pipeline.

      To run a query through a query profile, use the REST API as described below. For CRUD operations, you can use either the REST API or the Fusion UI.

      Query profiles in the REST API

      • Query Profiles API (/query-profiles)

        Create, read, update, and delete query profiles.

      • Query API (/query)

        Run a query through a query profile by specifying the profile ID and appending the request with a Solr query string, as in /api/query/<id>?<solrQuery>.

      Query profiles in the UI

      Query profiles are configured at Querying > Query Profiles.

      Query Profiles