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      Find Your Datasource

      active directory Active Directory Connector for ACLs V2

      alfresco logo png transparent Alfresco

      amazon s3 Amazon AWS S3 V1

      azure Azure V1

      Confluence@2x blue Confluence

      couchbase Couchbase V2

      dropbox Dropbox

      1280px Drupal wordmark.svg Drupal 7.x

      1280px Drupal wordmark.svg Drupal 8/9

      File Upload file upload File Upload

      ftp FTP

      github PNG15 GitHub

      Google Cloud Logo Google Cloud Storage V2

      Logo Google Drive Google Drive V1

      hadoop hdfs HDFS

      javascript Javascript

      logo jdbc JDBC V2

      logo jdbc JDBC V1

      Jira Software@2x blue JIRA

      jive Jive

      Local Filesystem (V2) Local Filesystem V2

      mongodb MongoDB

      OneDrive Logo OneDrive Datasource

      logo salesforce png 454 Salesforce

      logo servicenow.png.imgw.720.720 ServiceNow

      SharePoint logo SharePoint V2

      sharepoint online SharePoint Online V1

      SharePoint logo SharePoint V1

      Sitecore logo Sitecore

      New slack logo Slack

      Solr Logo on white Solr

      twitter Twitter Search

      twitter Twitter Stream

      web Web

      windows Windows Share SMB 2/3 V1

      zendesk Zendesk

      You can view and download all current and previous V2 connector releases at