Fusion 5.8

JDBC V1 Connector Configuration Reference

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The JDBC V1 connector is supported in Fusion releases 5.3 and earlier. This connector was deprecated in Fusion 5.3 and removed in Fusion 5.4. Use the JDBC V2 connector in Fusion releases 5.4 and later.

The JDBC connector fetches documents from a relational database via SQL queries. Under the hood, this connector implements the Solr DataImportHandler (DIH) plugin.

Date field types

Observe the date field type in the source database. Delta queries compare a date in the source database to the time of the most recent data import. The user selects a date field from their database to use for comparison (for example, a field like last_updated). The field type changes the behavior of the comparison:

  • DATE: It compares the day (for example, 2020-02-20)

  • TIMESTAMP: It compares both the day and time (for example, 2020-02-20 17:45:45)

Note: When using a primary key other than id, remove UUIDUpdateProcessorFactory from solrconfig.xml. Also change the uniqueKey value in schema.xml to your primary key.


When entering configuration values in the UI, use unescaped characters, such as \t for the tab character. When entering configuration values in the API, use escaped characters, such as \\t for the tab character.

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