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      Windows Share Connector

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      The Windows Share connector can access content in a Windows Share or Server Message Block (SMB)/Common Internet File System (CIFS) filesystem.

      This connector is deprecated as of Fusion Server 4.0.2.

      See this tutorial about configuring a Windows Share datasource and enabling security trimming:

      Access Control Lists (ACLs)

      The connector is able to retrieve and store ACL details when crawling with the 'smb' type. There are several properties available to define how the datasource should read the user and group information found in Active Directory, and when security trimming is enabled, document results will take user authorizations into consideration.

      For each document, the acl field is populated with data that can be used at search time to filter the results so that only people that have been granted access at the user level or through group membership can see them. Two kinds of tokens are stored: Allow and Deny. The format used is as follows:



      Where SID is the security identifier commonly used in Microsoft Windows systems. There are some well known SIDs that can be used in the acl field to make documents that are crawled through some other mechanism than by using SMB data source behave, from the acl pow, the same way as the crawled SMB content:

      SID Description




      A user account for the system administrator. By default, it is the only user account that is given full control over the system.


      Domain Admins: a global group whose members are authorized to administer the domain. By default, the Domain Admins group is a member of the Administrators group on all computers that have joined a domain.


      Domain Users.

      Note that some of the listed SIDs contain a domain token. This means that the actual SIDs differ from system to system. To find out the SIDs for particular user in particular system you can use the information provided by the Windows command line tool whoami by executing command whoami /all.

      You can populate the acl field in your documents with these Windows SIDs to make them searchable in Fusion. For example, if you wanted to make some documents available to "Everyone" you would populate the acl field with the WINAS-1-1-0 token. If you wanted to make all docs from one data source available to everybody you can use the literal definitions in the data source configuration.