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      Machine Learning Jobs

      Fusion AI provides these job types to perform machine learning tasks.

      Signals analysis

      These jobs analyze a collection of signals in order to perform query rewriting, signals aggregation, or experiment analysis.

      • Ground Truth

        Estimate ground truth queries using click signals and query signals, with document relevance per query determined using a click/skip formula.

      Query rewriting

      These jobs produce data that can be used for query rewriting or to inform updates to the synonyms.txt file.

      • Head/Tail Analysis

        Perform head/tail analysis of queries from collections of raw or aggregated signals, to identify underperforming queries and the reasons. This information is valuable for improving overall conversions, Solr configurations, auto-suggest, product catalogs, and SEO/SEM strategies, in order to improve conversion rates.

      • Phrase Extraction

        Identify multi-word phrases in signals.

      • Synonym and Similar Queries Detection Jobs

        Use this job to generate pairs of synonyms and pairs of similar queries. Two words are considered potential synonyms when they are used in a similar context in similar queries.

      • Token and Phrase Spell Correction

        Detect misspellings in queries or documents using the numbers of occurrences of words and phrases.

      Signals aggregation

      Experiment analysis

      • Ranking Metrics

        Calculate relevance metrics (nDCG and so on) by replaying ground truth queries against catalog data using variants from an experiment.

      • SQL-Based Experiment Metric (deprecated)

        This job is created by an experiment in order to calculate an objective.

        SQL-Based Experiment Metric job is deprecated as of Fusion AI 4.0.2.

      Collaborative recommenders

      These jobs analyze signals and generate matrices used to provide collaborative recommendations.

      Content-based recommenders

      Content-based recommenders create matrices of similar items based on their content.

      Content analysis

      Data ingest

      • Parallel Bulk Loader

        The Parallel Bulk Loader (PBL) job enables bulk ingestion of structured and semi-structured data from big data systems, NoSQL databases, and common file formats like Parquet and Avro.

      Legacy machine learning jobs

      • Legacy Item Recommender

        Compute user recommendations based on a pre-computed item similarity model.

      • Legacy Item Similarity

        Use this job when you only want to compute item-to-item similarities. This method is more lightweight than the generic Recommendations job.

        Legacy Item Similarity job is deprecated as of Fusion AI 4.1.0. Use the ALS recommender job instead.