App Insights Dashboards

When you open the Dashboards page, it displays graphs and tables for attributes that are common to all signals. For more specific charts, you can open the All Dashboard Categories menu at the top and select a category:

Dashboard categories menu

Dashboard filtering

You can filter by timeframe using the All Time menu:

Time filter

To filter by the content of the data, enter a string in the Filter this dashboard…​ text box:

Filter this dashboard

Custom reports

There are several ways to create a custom report:

On the Events or Analytics pages
  1. Apply one or more filters.

  2. Click New Custom Report New custom report.

  3. Define the report’s parameters.

  4. Click Create and launch report.

On the Dashboard page
  1. Filter any dashboard.

  2. Scroll to the bottom.

  3. Click <n> events match your criteria. View Now.

    View Now

    This takes you to the Events page, where you can click New Custom Report. Define additional parameters for the report, then click Create and launch report.