On the Analytics page, App Insights provides a standard set of reports, plus the ability to create custom reports. Custom reports can also be defined on the Dashboards and Events pages. Report data can be filtered by time or by free text search, and reports for tabular data can be exported by clicking Export table.

Analytics page

Standard reports

To view the standard reports, click Analytics, then select one of the standard reports:

  • Facets used

  • Facet filters applied

  • Application servers

  • Applications

  • Response times

  • URLs clicked

  • Type of query

  • Search pages

  • Search platforms

  • Types of response

  • Visitor countries

  • Visitor cities

  • Browsers

  • Operating System

  • Device types

  • Websites people are coming from

  • Users

  • User domains

  • Types of event

  • Head Tail analysis

Custom reports

There are several ways to create a custom report:

On the Events or Analytics pages
  1. Apply one or more filters.

  2. Click New Custom Report New custom report.

  3. Define the report’s parameters.

  4. Click Create and launch report.

On the Dashboard page
  1. Filter any dashboard.

  2. Scroll to the bottom.

  3. Click <n> events match your criteria. View Now.

    View Now

    This takes you to the Events page, where you can click New Custom Report. Define additional parameters for the report, then click Create and launch report.