Boost Documents

The Boost Documents query pipeline stage adds boosting parameters to matched documents based on user-defined rules. Boosts are defined with a term value to boost and the boost factor to add. The boosting parameters are added to the bq Solr query parameter.

The simplest way to find and boost documents using the Boost Documents stage is to use the Query Workbench, as shown below. The Query Workbench provides an interface for boosting documents without entering configuration values in the Boost Documents stage configuration panel.

How to boost a document in the Query Workbench
  1. In the preview panel, hover over the document you want to boost.


  2. Click Boost.

    The preview panel automatically updates the rankings of the search results, and tags the differences:

    Boosted result

    Notice that the Boost Documents stage is now in our pipeline. You can click this stage to view the boost rules you’ve added. This is also where you can remove boost rules:

    Boost Documents stage

See Boost Documents for the complete set of configuration keys for this stage.