Lucidworks Enterprise Search:
Product Preview

Enterprise Search offers secure data ingestion and customizable search in a hosted environment. It’s the first of a number of cloud-based apps in development at Lucidworks, providing many of the powerful features of Fusion without the overhead of on-premises deployment.

The foundation of Enterprise Search is Fusion Cloud, a hosted framework which will ultimately support a number of inter-operating apps that provide powerful search and analytics features.

  • Enterprise Search is Lucidworks' cloud-based search app.

    Depending on your contract, you can create multiple Enterprise Search apps for your organization. For example, you can create different search apps for your customers, vendors, employees, and so on.

  • Fusion Cloud is the global administration app for managing your Enterprise Search apps.


To get started, sign up; then tour the dashboard.

  • The Admin Guide explains how to manage your Fusion Cloud account, apps, users, and more.

  • The Search App Developer Guide shows you how to customize your Enterprise Search apps to achieve your desired end-user experience.