Appkit SDK 4.11.0 Release Notes


Release date: 21 July 2020


  • Ability to limit the results displayed by the result-list to a subset of the array

    • For example, the following: <result-list response="response" first="2" last="5"> will display the 3rd, 4th and 5th results in the response.

  • ES7 platform can now be configured whether or not to track total hits.

    • In the ES7 platform config (for example, resources/conf/platforms/elastic/elastic.conf) you can now add this config to track total hits: track-total-hits: true

    • By default, this will be false and will max out at 10000 as stated in the ES docs.

  • It is now possible to specify whether to include or exclude the range filter boundaries by specifying the fromExcluded and toExcluded attributes to the <query:filter> tag.

    • For example:

<search:query parameters="*" var="query">
<query:filter field="age" from="25" to="50" display="25 to 50" fromExcluded="true" toExcluded="true"> </query:filter>
  • Appkit no longer adds the apollo path prefix to Fusion API URLs. If still required, the path prefix may be set via configuration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where <search:response-statistics> are only updated when its specified response object is updated, not on any others

  • Added support for Angular expressions as a value for the Bookmark-list collection parameter

  • HighlightingUtils adds highlighting terms support when closing braces are absent

  • Fusion pre-authentication filter now uses the JWT token subject field for the user name.

  • In collaborate:saved-query-list, the show-more user click option now specifies the number of additional list items to display