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      App Studio 4.1.1 Release Notes

      Release date: 7 November 2018

      New features


      • geo:map tag improvements:

        • A new drag value for events changes the search range when the user drags the map; this works only with Google Maps.

        • The draw value for events now works with ESRI maps in addition to Google Maps.

        • The longitude filter is now created with the correct values.

      • The search:facet tag can now be configured to display custom icons for expanded/collapsed facet lists using new .collapsed and .facet-toggle CSS classes. See the CSS example.

      • The instant:result-list tag has a new children-selector attribute for selecting the child elements that should be used for the arrow key selection mechanism.

      Other changes

      • The media:image tag now respects the value of image-service-url, if defined.