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      Configuring the Hierarchical Facet Service

      To correctly display a taxonomy as a hierarchical facet you must configure the requisite Appkit service to retrieve the data structure that is configured in your Solr index.

      First you must create a service configuration:


      The file 'hierarchical.conf' should be configured similar to this example:

      platform: platforms.solr
      parents-suffix: _parent

      This specifies the configured platform where the taxonomy has been indexed.

      The suffix that, if appended to the facet’s fieldname, designates the field containing parent node data. The suffix will depend on how the taxonomy data has been indexed.

      This service configuration is what is used when adding the hierarchical facet to your HTML page as in this example:

      <search:facet facet-name="location" show="6" show-more="100" max-characters="35" collapsible="true">
          <facet:hierarchical title="location" facet-name="location" platform="myHierarchicalPlatform" query="myHierarchicalQuery"></facet:hierarchical>