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      Header Cell tag

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      The Header Cell tag outputs a single header cell in a results table. The tag must be nested within a Header tag.


      Place the Header Cell tag inside the body of a Header tag. The order of the cell tags within a header should match the order of the Cell tags within the table’s Row tag. In this example, a table contains three columns and displays the "full_name", "address", and "dob" fields for each document in the given search response.

      <table:result-list response="response">
              <table:header-cell name="full_name" label="Name" sort="true"></table:header-cell>
              <table:header-cell name="address" label="Address" sort="true"></table:header-cell>
              <table:header-cell name="dob" label="Date of birth" sort="true"></table:header-cell>

      For a complete list of attributes, see the table:header-cell tag doc.