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      Accessing Data

      The articles in this section describe key aspects of accessing data.

      • Configuring the Search Platform

        The Appkit search platform abstraction presents a unified way of carrying out common data operations such as searching, storing, and deleting information from the underlying repository. You can use multiple platforms on the same page to send a query to different repositories and aggregate the response. Each search platform is encapsulated as a twigkit.platform.Platform Java object.

      • Filter Syntax

        This article describes the syntax of a single Appkit search filter to include in an HTTP request.

      • Formulating a Query

        The Appkit Query tag (<search:query>) instantiates a search query that can be submitted to the underlying search platform.

      • Search Response

        The Response tag (<search:response>) sends a Query to a given Platform and stores the Response in a JSP variable.