Appkit SDK Release Notes


Latest Release: 4.10.0 (27 April 2020)

Fusion comes bundled with everything you need to get started.


  • A new attribute, auto-populate, is added to the <collaborate:saved-query-list> tag. When set to true, the saved search name is automatically pre-populated with the query term in the URL. The default value for this attribute is false.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused selected filters to be removed from a query after applying new filters on the same facet.

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes returned invalid annotation IDs when using the social response processors, which prevented the end-user from further deleting the annotation (like a bookmark or saved-search).

  • Specifying how many annotations, such as bookmarks or saved-searches, to retrieve using the Social API would not result in the expected behaviour. This has now been fixed.

Previous releases

4.9.0 (27 September 2019)

  • The FusionProxy endpoint /twigkit/api/fusion/* now accepts nested URI paths as expected. For example:


    Previously, an HTTP 400 error occurred.

  • Removing filters using the <query:filter action="remove"> tag will no longer remove filters added with the <query:filter value="bar"> tag. For example, the following will leave the filter on value="bar" intact:

    <search:query var="query">
         <query:filter field="foo" value="bar">
         <query:filter field="foo" action="remove">
  • Previously, using the Solr platform in compatibility mode forced exclusive boundaries on date range filters to become inclusive. This affected date range filters in the Fusion platform.

    This behavior is fixed. Exclusive boundaries on range filters now remain exclusive in compatibility mode.

  • Toggle events now fire as expected when using toggle controls.

4.8.0 (10 January 2020)

  • It is now possible to map a user’s LDAP roles to the application user’s group. This differs from the previous implementation to the AD pre-authorisation filter, in that it reads the groups directly from the user object instead of querying for AD groups that the user belongs to.

    To enable this filter, add a configuration file under conf/security/ldap/provider.conf with the following parameters:

    enabled: true
    user: #Service account used to connect to LDAP.
    password: #Password for the service account. This can be encrypted using the twigcrypt binary.
    url: #Full URL to the LDAP server.
    user-search-base: #LDAP search base to restricte the search to.
    user-search-filter: #LDAP search filter to restrict the LDAP search.
  • It is now possible to use basic authentication against a Solr cloud platform using the parameters userName and password in the platform configuration.

  • The value of a highlighted field is now stored as the "display" field value, rather than replacing the original "actual" field value.

4.7.0 (22 November 2019)

  • Appkit 4.7.0 adds support for Elastic 7.4.

  • A new filter, find, is added which searches the scope hierarchy to find a specified variable. For example: {{ 'myVariable' | find:this }}.

  • The twigkit.http.filter.DevelopmentErrorFilter is replaced by the twigkit.http.filter.ErrorFilter. If you are using the twigkit.http.filter.ErrorFilter parameter in your web.xml file and an AJAX request fails, a JSON response is received identifying the status code of the REST call and any underlying causes. Previously, an HTML response was received.

    Example configuration:

  • Accessibility improvements are made to the search breadcrumbs. The text, x, that removed the breadcrumb is replaced by an icon with the alt-text "Remove this term from the query" for use by screen readers.

    Remove this term from the query