Fusion Web App Deployment

You can use App Studio to deploy a search app in Fusion Server. You develop your search interface, and then publish the search app to Fusion’s Web Apps service.

This deployment type leverages your existing production environment, requiring no dedicated nodes for App Studio. However, you might need to deploy additional Fusion nodes if you anticipate significant traffic to your search interface.

UI deployment overview

Fusion web app deployment

Here’s an overview of the steps:

  1. Install App Studio.

  2. Develop your search interface.

  3. Publish your UI to Fusion Server using the instructions below.

Your web app then becomes accessible on port 8780.

Publishing a search interface to Fusion Server

  1. Open your search interface at http://<app-studio-host>:8080 in your browser.

  2. Open the code editor:

    • Press the ESC key


    • Click the code editor button: Code editor button

  3. Click Publish.

    App Studio prompts you to confirm that you want to publish your web app to Fusion:

    Publish to Fusion

  4. Click Publish to complete the deployment.

Running a dedicated node for a search interface

When deploying Fusion nodes dedicated to serving one or more search interfaces, only the following Fusion services need to run:

  • agent

  • api

  • log-shipper

  • webapps

When starting a dedicated node, you can minimize the number of running services by starting it like this.

Unix and MacOS:

cd fusion/4.0.x/bin
./agent start
./api start
./webapps start


cd fusion\4.0.x\bin
agent.cmd start
api.cms start
log-shipper.cmd start
webapps.cmd start