Results Table

The Table tag library is a collection of JSP tags for rendering search results in table format.

To display a list of search results in a table, add the table:result-list tag on your search page, passing in a reference to the twigkit.model.Response object that contains your search results:

<table:result-list response="response">
        <table:header-cell name="full_name" label="Name" sort="true"></table:cell>
        <table:header-cell name="address" label="Address" sort="true"></table:cell>
        <table:header-cell name="dob" label="Date of birth" sort="true"></table:cell>
            <table:cell name="full_name" query="query"></table:cell>
            <table:cell name="address"></table:cell>
            <table:cell name="dob" date-format="dd/MM/yyyy"></table:cell>