Architecture and Technology Stack

Appkit is a stateless, modular, 100% Java Standard Edition software framework.


Appkit consists of:

An Appkit search application consists of modular building blocks, which are pieced together through the use of special Appkit tags, which can be mixed in with standard HTML and JSP code.

architecture diagram

Technology stack

The Appkit stack is designed to be lightweight from the point of view of efficiency and ease of development. No programming or Java code is necessary to build a search application with Appkit.

Software that Appkit uses

Appkit uses:

  • Maven for server side dependencies and build management

  • npm for client side dependencies

  • Standard Java Servlets and JSPs

  • Standards-compliant AngularJS, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What Appkit provides

Appkit provides:

  • A self-service application generator for project generation

  • AngularJS based tag libraries for all framework components

  • Web services to expose all search functionality

  • Extension points for custom tags, JavaScript, and CSS

Deployment options

Appkit applications can be:

  • Deployed locally in a development environment using the Maven Jetty plugin

  • Built to a standard WAR file for deployment on Tomcat (or any other servlet container/application server)