Faceted Navigation

Faceted navigation is one of the most powerful features of search. Appkit provides simple tags for rendering lists of facets and filters in your application, while also providing a single widget that handles many of the complexities of faceted navigation for you.

Listing facets

Self-closing the Facet List tag will output a list of all the facets and filter links with the default look-and-feel. Find out more about the facetList tag.

<search:facet-list response="response" facet-names="*"></search:facet-list>

You could then open the Facet List tag and place an individual Facet tag within it. Find out more about the facet tag.

<search:facet-list response="response" facet-names="*">
    <search:facet facet-name="Author" collapsible="true"></search:facet>

This tag is also customisable to allow different display values and behaviour. For a complete list of attributes, see the search:facet-list tag doc.