Layout of the Default View

This topic explores the elements that compose the default App Studio view.

The default view looks like this:

Default view

As we explore the components of the page, we’ll highlight each area in turn.

Include a partial file

The header of the default view is a partial file that is included with the layout:include tag:

<layout:include file="views/partials/header.tpl.html" action="search"></layout:include>

Included header file

The header.tpl.html file, in turn, contains a number of layout tags, plus the important search:box tag.

The sidebar is rendered using the simple layout:sidebar tag. Within the sidebar, the search:facet-list and search:facet tags contain the parameters that configure the facet fields and their display.

Sidebar with facets

<layout:block md="1-3" lg="1-4" drawer="left" id="sidebar" styling="blocksidebar-light">

            <!-- List facets and give them intuitive labels -->
            <search:facet-list facet-names="genres_ss" response="response" platform="platform" query="query" styling="facet-list facet-list-wrappedheader">
              <search:facet when-field="genres_ss" show="10" search-enabled="true" platform="platform" query="query" max-characters="40" show="12" show-more="24" collapsible="true"></search:facet>
              <search:facet show="10" max-characters="40" show="12" show-more="24" collapsible="true"></search:facet>


Search statistics and results list

In the content area, layout tags are used again to construct the grid layout. For brevity, we’ll omit those from the code samples below.

Content area

The search:response-statistics tag displays the number of search results, and a {{ response.time }} variable displays the number of milliseconds Fusion took to respond:

<search:response-statistics response="response"></search:response-statistics>
<p class="response-statistics">(Fusion took {{ response.time }}ms)</p>

Then, the search:result-list tag lays out the grid of search results:

<search:result-list response="response" styling="cards-sm-1 cards-lg-2 cards-xl-2" platform="platform" query="query" instant-results="true">

Individual results

The search:result and search:field tags configure which fields are displayed with each individual search result. A field can be styled as the title or description, and any additional fields can have a variety of styles.

Search result

  <search:field name="title_txt" styling="title" urlfield></search:field>
  <search:field name="year_i" styling="description" max-characters="150"></search:field>
  <search:field name="genres_ss" styling="label-left"></search:field>

Null search results

In the case of no search results, the search:no-results tag displays a default message:

<search:no-results response="response"></search:no-results>

No results