App Development

When you first create a UI using the setup wizard, it configures the default search view, located at app-studio/app/views/search.html.

App Studio supports customization using an array of markup elements, or tags, that handle all the complexities of connecting to Fusion and visualizing the response to your queries.

These topics explain the details of how to customize your search interface:

You can edit the default view in your browser using the code editor or using any text editor or IDE.

  • In standalone mode, your changes become available as soon as you save the file. Just reload the page in your browser.

  • When your search UI is published as a Fusion Web app, you must re-publish the app to make your changes available.

  • You can get detailed information about every App Studio markup tag in the Reference Guides.

  • For ideas and reusable code, see the App Studio Gallery.